Share, analyze and monetize your sensitive data- Compliantly

Privacy Regulation

Organizations collect tons of data each day. Yet, this data is getting locked away by Privacy Regulations incl. GDPR CCPA

The Challenge

The new regulatory mandates have triggered a tug of war between Business (analyzing and extracting value out of data) & Compliance (protecting data).  

Our solution

BORNiO is a comprehensive Data Privacy framework for anonymizing sensitive data. This way BORNiO empowers organizations to gain business insights from sensitive data, while maintaining compliance.


BORNiO Framework

A comprehensive framework for anonymizing and mining sensitive data,

which enables organizations to comply with regulations with minimal data quality degradation.

Stemming from cutting-edge privacy research in leading academic institutes, BORNiO has integrated all essential services for sensitive Data Mapping, Secure Data Access, Encrypted Caching, Policy Enforcement and Data De-identification algorithms.

Seamless connectivity to multiple data sources and consuming apps via JDBC interface

Automatic detection of sensitive data (e.g. PII) and mapping to adjustable policies



with user-adaptable granularity and a range of techniques (Masking, Hashing, k-anonymity, Differential Privacy etc.)


Faster back-end processing for big data, via our encrypted cache, using our patent-pending private indexing


International Data Corporation (IDC)

" There is a “ resurgence”  of masking and tokenization (privacy) techniques as enterprise data stores grow with the promise of analytics, and the use of data to enable behavioral security solutions, cognitive analytics, and monitoring and supervision. "


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